Erasable Makeup Mask Kit


Until now, there was no effective make-up tool to guide and train estheticians and make-up artist to practice make-up applications effectively and beautifully on different skin-tone women.

 In fact, of the 240,000 salons in the beauty industry, about 10% of the salons exclusively serve African-American clients, and much less salons exclusively serve Asian-Americans and Spanish-Americans in the United States. In the cosmetic and skincare industry, companies have introduced cosmetics and make-up especially designed for women of color with skintones that range from ivory white to dark chocolate, and every shade in between.
The Multicultural Make-Up Mannequin Tool Kit, which contains a basic flat-back mannequin head, can be laid down on a flat surface with the face looking upward, or positioned upward with the support of an adjustable mannequin holder clamped to the edge of a table facing you. The contour of the facial structure of the mask is oval shape with short nose bridge, wide nose, short chin, heavy lidded eyes, thin lips, and buffed out cheeks that give you the fundamental features to learn how to shadow the way you want to with the magic of make-up.
We’re sure you will find this kit beneficial, educational and fun to work with.

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