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Berlanti of California Skincare Solution


Berlanti Complete Program

Berlanti Complete Program introduces a new Skin Correction and Restoration Program with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) from fruit acids for your Optimum In-Home Facial Kit. This brand is well known as a highly recommended skin care product line established in 1992 in many countries such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, and Switzerland.

Berlanti skin care products are made of carefully selected ingredients with the right combination in each product. The brand offers an approach as a significant addition to the traditional approach of correcting the skin condition and re-storing it to its original condition through topical application of the creams and lotions.


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Miasasha Program B


Get with the program! The Miasasha Program B!

Complete with a facial wash, toner, and night program, this set of nine products will have your skin looking and feeling like never before!

The skin correction and restoration program for the most common skin disorders.

7 Easy Morning Steps
Facial Wash/Gentle Wash
Fresh ‘N Tone/Balance ‘N Tone
Color Tone B
Stabilizer Lotion
Sun Protector B
Oil-Free Moisturizer
Eye Cream

6 Easy Night Steps
Facial Wash/Gentle Wash
Fresh ‘N Tone/Balance ‘N Tone
Color Tone B
Mixer Cream B
Normal Moisturizer
Eye Cream

Facial Wash: massage into wet face and neck for 3 minutes to ensure the skin get the best preparation for the next step
Fresh ‘N Tone: squeeze a generous amount into cotton ball/cotton pad then rub firmly in an outward motion

For Night program: do at least half hour before bed time to ensure the penetration of the products into the skin before going to bed.

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