Skintight Skincare Products The Skin Tight Skin Care System was specifically developed to addresses the issues of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burns, bikini irritations, Acne, and Keloids. It is recommended that one of the listed moisturizeBottlesrsbe used to help promote healthy and moisturized skin. Skin Tight Razor Bump Ointment helps eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn while enhancing the overall condition of the skin and offers men and women the relief they desire when suffering from these irritating skin conditions. Skin Tight is formulated with Tea Tree Oil, a traditional herbal antiseptic that soothes irritated skin, and Willow Bark Extract, which gently exfoliates the skin and clears the pores. Some dermatologists suggest wetting the hair of the beard area before shaving, therefore Skin Tight can also be used as a pre-shave treatment in addition to being used after the beard area has been shaved.


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